Firm Accounts

Take advantage of our volume discount pricing structure by having all QDROs within the same firm bill to the same account.

Law Firm Accounts

The volume discount pricing structure is automatically set up with every QdroDesk™ Account. This pricing plan is designed for Family Law Attorneys (and other divorce professionals) who consistently use our QDRO preparation for his or her clients. The discount structure resets after a 12 month cycle. With a special Firm Account all QDROs from the sub-accounts are added together and applied to the same discount pricing structure below:

- QDROs 1-5/year = $299
- QDROs 6-10/year = $249
- QDROs 11 and up/year = $199 (yes... only $199/QDRO)

Please call us at 1-877-770-2270 to discuss this turn-key solution and have your Firm Account set up today.

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