Why QdroDesk Works How QDROs Work QdroDesk is a full-service QDRO preparation solution.

Saves Time – We Make QDROs Easy!

Once you complete the online questionnaire, we instantly prepare the QDRO for you through the online system, giving you instant access and full control of the QDRO, Settlement Agreement Language, and Processing Instructions in both PDF and MSWord Versions. With QdroDesk™ you eliminate all written requests and lengthy delivery periods for the initial draft as well as any updates or revisions that may be needed. We also offer a Pre-approval Service for those who want to alleviate the extra burden brought on by the added correspondence with the Plan Administrator. By taking advantage of this option, you are having us handle the bulk of the leg work.

QDRO Accuracy is the Only Option

Each divorce, plan, and pension is equally as unique as the QDRO itself. The data management attributes and the 4 years of development of the QdroDesk™ web-based software allow us to accurately prepare the appropriate documents with guaranteed approval by the plan administrator. We also have a lookup database of over 100,000 plans providing accurate plan names, plan types, and plan administrator contact information. Additionally, you can opt to take advantage of our free comprehensive 9-Point Review Process that will afford you the peace-of-mind to feel confident that the QDRO will properly set forth the provisions of the parties’ PSA/MSA, that the court will certify the Order and that the Plan Administrator will ultimately approve the Order for execution.

Settlement Language for All QDROs

Through this service you receive the recommended language for a settlement agreement, decree, or judgment that reflects the prepared QDRO. Having the correct language provides necessary financial protection. This prevents the loss of rights; to preretirement survivor annuity, to postretirement survivor annuity, to separate interest lifetime pension if participant retires, to postretirement COLA enhancements, to coverture-based pension, and to early retirement subsidy. Read more on this subject.

Preparing the QDRO at the Time of Divorce

The ideal way to address the division of a retirement account upon divorce is to prepare the QDRO concurrently with the divorce settlement and/or proceeding with the appropriate agreement language to reflect the QDRO. QdroDesk™ makes this easy because the language and the QDRO are prepared instantly with easy edit and access capabilities in PDF and MSWord versions.

Full Control

With instant electronic versions (PDF and MSWord) of the QDRO, Settlement Agreement Language, and Processing Instructions, you can store them on your computer for future reference and easy access to make timely revisions or create multiple versions. This allows you to manage the QDRO we prepare for you from the first time you receive it. Imagine being prepared to present and amend both the recommended Settlement Agreement Language and the QDRO at all your settlement negotiations.


We do not sacrifice quality for price. We believe you will not find a more quality and accurate QDRO solution for any price, anywhere. The low cost of $299 can be attributed to the innovative software and knowledge and expertise of our support staff and its ability to prepare accurate QDROs with a guarantee of court and plan approval!


It does not make as much sense to prepare your own QDROs when it can be done through QdroDesk™ at an affordable price without sacrificing full control. Attorneys and Mediators can also exercise the option of sending their clients directly to QdroDesk™ to have us prepare the QDRO for their review. This becomes even more desirable if the QDRO needs to be prepared after the divorce is final.

We are the only instant online QDRO preparation service. The smart question/answer and document generation technology produces fully customized QDROs for all retirement plans. The QDROs produced through this service are equal in quality to those produced in house by our pension analysts since 1989.

By utilizing the QdroDesk™ service you will not only be able to lower your cost per QDRO to only $299, but you will also be ecstatic over the detail and accuracy delivered in every QDRO we prepare. You will appreciate how easy it is to manage your QDROs at your convenience from your own desk and by eliminating lengthy delivery periods and the transmittal of information by mail, you are able to log into your account and have a QDRO accurately prepared ready for execution, court approval, and submission to the plan administrator in minutes.

A Few Highlights of the QDRO Service...

In-House QDRO Preparation Don’t Want To Do Your QDRO Online?
If you prefer a more traditional (off-line) method, have our pension analysts prepare your QDRO by completing and delivering a checklist by e-mail, mail or fax. Learn more and let our Pension Analysts handle your specifics needs. This traditional option is only $495.

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