The QdroDesk Difference

We make QDROs easy! Let us provide you the most comprehensive and informative QDRO services in the industry since 1989.

For attorneys drafting QDROs, or individuals working through the process on their own, having a QDRO drafted with us is hassle-free. We expect our clients to have questions and want to answer them. It is that simple. Our streamlined process and team of QDRO Specialists will alleviate the burden and stress that can accompany having a QDRO prepared and approved.

Our highly responsive team of QDRO Specialists enjoy what they do and are happy to help. All support is free of charge by phone or e-mail, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Free 9-Point Review Process

Additionally, you can opt to take advantage of our free comprehensive 9-Point Review Process that will afford you the peace-of-mind to feel confident that the QDRO will properly set forth the provisions of the parties’ PSA/MSA, that the court will certify the Order and that the Plan Administrator will ultimately approve the Order for execution.

Extensive training and a comprehensive understanding of the industry enable our QDRO Specialists to:

1. Verify the plan type and QDRO type match.
2. Check for the correct plan name.
3. Review required personal information and related data.
4. Verify applicable jurisdictional requirements regarding legal caption and signature lines.
5. Proofread for common errors and omissions.
6. Verify applicable jurisdictional requirements regarding calculation of the marital share of the pension.
7. Verify applicable jurisdictional requirements regarding document format and structure.
8. Verify harmonization between QDRO and settlement agreement.
9. Review for appropriate selection of award form and plan calculation instructions.

How We Separate Ourselves From Our Competitors

Our company mission is to provide a superior QDRO. What does that mean for you? We deliver a QDRO that not only complies with federal and state laws, conforms to plan guidelines, and is executable by the court but, most importantly, implements the provisions of the parties’ PSA/MSA. In other words, you will have a QDRO that does everything you need it to do.

How do we do this? By underpinning our cutting-edge, proprietary QDRO preparation software with outstanding customer support. You have access to our QDRO Specialists via email or toll-free telephone support. Our highly trained QDRO Specialists can answer your QDRO-related questions when utilizing our system, provide technical assistance with the QDRODesk software and provide you with additional resources to ultimately ensure your QDRO success.

Our Pre-approval Service

We provide all the necessary processing information and instructions with every QDRO. Our Pre-approval Service is for those who want to alleviate the extra burden brought on by the added correspondence with the Plan Administrator. By taking advantage of this option, you are having us handle the bulk of the leg work. Once we receive approval confirmation from the Plan Administrator, you will receive a copy of the approval letter with instructions to finalize the process with the court and the Plan accordingly. This service is an additional $100.00.

If you do not want to have us do the pre-approval process, simple follow the Processing Instructions provided with your QDRO.

If you have any questions regarding our review or pre-approval process, please contact us at 1-877-770-2270.

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