How QdroDesk Works Three Steps

Three easy steps...

Inside your private and secure account you will be prompted to answer a series of questions pertaining to the plan participant, his or her spouse, and how the QDRO will be prepared.
Step 2 Instantly Print Your QDRO, Agreement Language, & Processing Instructions
Once you have answered the required questions, the system will alert you to generate and print your prepared QDRO and related documents. These documents can also be saved to your computer in both PDF and MSWord versions for easy review and editing (if needed).
Additionally, you can opt to take advantage of our free comprehensive 9-Point Review Process that will afford you the peace-of-mind to feel confident that the QDRO will properly set forth the provisions of the partiesí PSA/MSA, that the court will certify the Order and that the Plan Administrator will ultimately approve the Order for execution.
Step 3 Complete the Process
Review your QDRO and related documents and deliver them to the opposing side, the court, and the plan administrator for approval. We also offer a Pre-approval service for an additional fee. Our Pre-approval service alleviates the extra burden brought on by the added correspondence with the Plan Administrator. By taking advantage of this option, you are having us handle the bulk of the leg work.

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Donít Want To Do Your QDRO Online?
If you prefer a more traditional (off-line) method, have us prepare your QDRO by completing and delivering a checklist by mail or fax. Learn more and let our Pension Analysts handle your specifics needs.

Types of Plans
- Defined Benefit Plans (ERISA)
- Defined Contribution Plans (ERISA)
- Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)
- Local County and Municipal Plans
- Military Retirement System (MRS)
- Railroad Retirement System (TIER 2)
- State, City & Public School Systems
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