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Inside your account you will be prompted to answer a series of questions pertaining to the divorce, plan participant, the spouse, and how the QDRO will be prepared.

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After answering the required questions, you will instantly print your prepared QDRO and related documents. You can also opt into our comprehensive 9 point review process and plan preapproval.

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Our company mission is to provide a superior QDRO. What does that mean for you? We deliver a QDRO that not only complies with federal and state laws, conforms to plan guidelines, and is executable by the court but, most importantly, implements the provisions of the parties’ PSA/MSA. In other words, you will have a QDRO that does everything you need it to do. We make the QDRO part of divorce easy! Learn More.
A Comprehensive 9-Point Review Process QDRO Service of Pension Appraisers, Inc. - Since 1989

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We eliminate lengthy delivery periods and improve accuracy with instant online document creation. With QdroDesk™ you print and/or download your QDRO from your own computer, along with the appropriate settlement agreement language and processing instructions. We are delivering the same quality product we have for over 30 years through this proprietary online software and we back all of our QDROs with a guarantee of plan approval.

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All Plan Types Covered

All QDROS Are $299 (flat fee)

- Defined Benefit Plans
- Defined Contribution Plans
- State City & Public School Systems
- Federal Government Plans
- Local County & Municipal Plans
- Military Retirement System (MRS)
- Railroad Retirement System (RRS)

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A simple 3 step process will have you printing your QDRO in no time.

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35 Years of Proven Leadership

2024 marks Pension Appraisers, Inc. 35 year anniversary. Since 1989, we have evolved and have proven ourselves as the standard in QDRO preparation and Pension Valuations for divorce. Our experience has allowed us to improve our industry with the technology brought to you through QdroDesk™.

- Letter From the President

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